Mar 14

Karen Schoener

Opportunity Quilt Instructions

Apr 11

Anne Perella, A&J Sewing 

Needles, Thread, Machine Cleaning, etc.

Refreshments:  Linda Frederick, Carole Kiger

Novelty:  Tina Faber

May 9

Kelly Dlugos, Reclaimed Threads

Repurposing Discarded Quilts

Refreshments: Frances Cogar, Patty Orinick

Novelty: Carlene Moore

June 13

Sandy Teter 


Refreshments: Kathryn Greenly, Tina Faber

Novelty: Sue Brennan

July 11 - 6:00 pm

Annual Picnic  (earlier meeting time)

Westside Senior Center, 500 Dupont Road, Westover

Pavillion and Parking are behind building.

Aug 8

Arthurdale (antique quilts, tour) 

Novelty: Fran Kordek 

Sept 12

Road Trip to Quilter’s Corner

Finleyville, PA

Novelty:  Kathryn Greenly

Oct 10

Extra Special Show and Tell

Refreshments: Linda Ross, Diann Craig, and Celeste Burton 

Novelty: Kathy Oleksa

Nov 14

Carol Spears 

Christmas Ornament

Refreshments: Nancy Kessler, Clara Michael

Novelty: Carole Kiger

Dec 12 - 6:00 pm

Holiday Dinner (earlier meeting time, potluck dinner)

Novelty: Nancy Kessler


Jan 9 (earlier time) 

Meet at Country Roads Quilt Shop

Lunch at the Tea Shoppe

Novelty: Karen Schoener

Feb 13

Carole Kiger

Fabric basket

Refreshments: Monica Maxwell, Rose Marshall

Novelty: Patty Orinick


March 12

Opportunity Quilt Instructions

Refreshments: Laura Savio, Jeanne Gren

Novelty: Laura Savio

April 9

Kelly Dlugos

Physical Therapist – Exercises, ergonomics 



May 14 

Valinda Loy

Mini Envelope Demonstration

(used for credit cards or medical information)

*Programs can be subject to change